Do a good deed today, feed a monster!

Do a good deed today, feed a monster!

April 14, 2016

G'day my fellow sweet peas!
The delightful I'M IN community has always been the engine of our growth. Those simple word-of-mouth recommendations have helped us get to where we are today. It’s also what driven us to keep making everything about I'M IN better. Look! We are inspiring one another :) 

How can we ever thank you little sneaky peas enough... Hence, we have an exciting news to announce!

Today we are introducing a new program called "Feed Alfred" also known as a rewards program. So... you must be wondering WHO IS ALFRED!?! Well excuse you, have you been living under the rock? Alfred, the mischief-maker is our current inspirational star! Don't be fooled by his grumpy appearance whose lack of any physically friendly attributes, actually hides a Mr Nice Guy. He's keen as bean to be friends.

So why did we call this program "Feed Alfred"? Well a monster got to eat too hey! To put it simply, we would like to thank you for spreading the love. For every SGD$1 you spent, you earn 10 points  and Alfred gets 1 cookie! 

Now, whenever you invite your friends, family and coworkers to I'M IN, you’ll earn 500 points which amounts to SGD$2.50 credit. Your referee would need to spend a minimum SGD$10 for you to enjoy the benefit though. This is not limited, so the more friends you invite the more I'M IN points you get


Here, let me sum them up for you! Easy peasy.



Alfred: "Looking forward to more cookies gawrr noms noms!"


Click on the "Earn Rewards" Button on the bottom right hand side of the website to get started!

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