Our 5th Gen 100% Non-Slip Strapless Wireless bra is named the Queen of Strapless bra, it is one of the best non-slip strapless bra available in Singapore and is perfect for the woman who’s always on the go. The essential strapless for your everyday hustle. With the combination of the new fabric & anti-slip fabric on the inner side of the bands, the bands are now more elastic too. Creating a glove-fitting effect.

Our signature ふわふわ fuwa fuwa cups made the bras even softer allowing you to roll them, bend them, and toss them even easier and it still retains their shape

I’M IN’s wireless strapless bras are all deeply functional and infinitely comfortable. For easy referencing on the differences between I'M IN's strapless bras, here's the comparison chart for an overview.



I’M IN’s wireless strapless bras are designed with cutting-edge non-slip bands to ensure that they stay in place the whole day, offering unprecedented security. This may seem too good to be true, but with our 100% non-slip strapless bras, there will be no more tugging, pulling or slipping. We’ve got you covered on all occasions. So erase all your worries and get out there and show the world exactly what you’ve got! There is nothing stopping you now.