April 29, 2016

Meet the characters

American Gentleman: a Boston Terrier who pulls a solemn face 24/7

Sweet Hailie: the sweet bunny with a feisty attitude. Badly burnt with an ugly grey tan

Sakura Deer: a reindeer with a strange symptom of cherry blossoms growing on its antlers

Mr Flapperson: an armless penguin with a serious obsession with hot air balloon

Yes I know, they sound like someone you might find in the asylum. Trust me, they are...

Ah you must be wondering now, what about the Caribbean Island and Happy Meal? Well then, we have to start from the beginning where it all happens... Close your eyes, seat back and try visualizing this... Silky sand and salty turquoise sea at the Caribbean Island. Suddenly, a hot air balloon crashed into the beach and a penguin emerged. WHAT? Penguin in a hot climate?
Yes you read me right. He stumbled towards the badly burnt bunny with an ugly grey tan, lying under a cherry blossom tree. Holy guacamole! Yep, flowers growing out from a deer's antlers! Spectacular isn't it...
"Urghs I'm hurt. Kind one, please help me... I need a drink badly.." the penguin pleaded. Just then, the bunny's butler strolled in. A Boston Terrier in tuxedo-like markings, serving up a pineapple juice with snake-like straw. 
Out of nowhere, the bunny jumps out from her seat and hit the glass off the boston terrier's paws. (Oh yes, paws. Dogs can't hold with 1 paw, you silly)
"You shall not pass!" the bunny exclaimed. The butler stood still for a second, picks up all the broken pieces and says "I guess it's time for Happy Meal then."
Err what? Uh huh. You must be wondering what is this all about? Oh I have been meaning to tell you that that every single one of them loves a Happy Meal! Who doesn't like dem Happy Meal?!
Saffron wearing our Happy Meal Hipster Cheeky
Oh right, I've missed out the crocodile and toucan... Well heck, I don't even know whether they have any fast food restaurant on the island! Now this is what I called "Funomenal". A fun and phenomenal sighting...
Quite frankly speaking, this collection is a heck of 'rojak' fun! Teeheehee.
Check out the collection

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