June 01, 2016

Thank you Rachel, @sulkinginmypartydress, for the amazing feature! One of the most hardworking bloggers we've ever encountered! Besides that, she's a total babe with a flair in writing! Do check out her blog at www.sulkinginmypartydress.blogspot.sg

ah, morning woes. getting out of bed is hard work. and i don't mean the actual waking up. for me, waking up is easy. it's the inertia that follows after that i fight with every single morning. and yknow what makes it so much harder? wearing comfortable underwear. i'm serious. when your shorts are cute and so damn comfy, you know you're in for it in the mornings. to combat this, i literally set my alarm half an hour earlier just so i can laze in bed.

here's a typical morning routine:
1. i turn off my alarm and try to rub sleep out of my eyes. it's bad for the skin but damn is it therapeutic or what?! it's weird. i'm weird.
2. scroll through every single instagram post and catch up on snapchat videos (p.s. your dog filtered snaps are getting boring, just saying).
3. wait til i absolutely have to before getting off the bed and starting the day.

sometimes the thought of breakfast lures me out of bed, but other times, i'm more inclined towards slothing.


there are also mornings when i'm already wide awake but just wanna stay in bed. on such occasions, i like to read. and i don't wanna brag, but i take pride in having a pretty impressive collecton of books, hehe. they range from coffee table books, to classic + chicklit genres, as well as magazines. some mornings i'll flip through petra collins' babe, others a random issue of frankie, but here i've chosen how to be parisian wherever you are.
bra: free people | shorts: im in

in collaboration with im in, wearing the masked batman lounge shorts.
Rachel is wearing The Masked Batman Lounge Shorts

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