3rd Gen 100% Non-Slip 2-Way Wireless Strapless Bra

January 23, 2018

The launch of our 3rd Generation strapless bra has been one that the I’M IN Team has prepared for for a long time. We would like to thank you ladies for all the support that you’ve given to our 1st and 2nd Generation strapless bras, and thank you for all the feedback. Without all your love and support, we wouldn’t have been able to produce the holy grail of all strapless bras, the 3rd Generation 100% Non-Slip 2-Way Wireless Strapless Bra.

Many of you ladies reached out to us and requested for a strapless bra without silicone strips due to sensitive skin, and we understand that it was hard to gauge which size to purchase (to upsize or not?). We heard all your woes and took months to produce and perfect the one strapless bra that could cater to your needs. 

In preparation for the launch of the 3rd Gen strapless bra, we thought that it would be perfect if all our customers who’ve purchased the 1st and 2nd Gen strapless bras could get the exclusive news and preorder the 3rd Gen strapless bra first. And so we decided to send these group of ladies a direct mailer.


This is the first time that we’ve sent out direct mailers to our customers, and we love that this adds a little bit of a personal touch to it. We hope you ladies loved it too!

We’re so proud to finally be able to present our proudest creation thus far to you: the 3rd Generation 100% Non-Slip 2-Way Wireless Strapless Bra.

The 3rd Gen strapless bra is available in 2 staple colours: Black and Nude. Place your orders now before 9th February 2018 in order to receive them before Chinese New Year!


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