An update on the arrival date of 5th Gen and what is causing the delay.

March 23, 2021

Dear #iminxx fam,

Thank you for all your patience and support for our 5th Gen 100% Non-slip Wireless Strapless Bra — Fuwa Fuwa edition. We would like to give y'all an update on the arrival date of 5th Gen and what is causing the delay.

The affected batches are:

  • Before CNY: Customers who have received the 5th Gen before 12 Feb 2021.
  • After CNY: Customers who have purchased the 5th Gen from the After CNY batch.

For a start, we are thankful for the good reviews such as the softness, comfort, good cups fit, new nude color etc for the 5th Gen. Apart from these, we also received constructive feedbacks where we discovered important issues such as, the seamless area that came off partially after washing, fabric piling from rubbing against the clothing and water lines spotted after washing.

We do have a standard quality test for all of our products. However, we fell short and missed out some edge cases and a small batch of the 5th Gen (less than 5%) is affected with the above issues.

The team investigated and worked with some of you to find out how did the issues occur and came up with ways to resolve it in the manufacturing stage. But implementing the solutions require a few things. At the get-go, an improved fabric has to be used while the existing fabric on hand has to be rejected. Extra time has to be refactored for the new fabric to be procured, dyed to our specific Pantone color, dried and cut. Separately, we increased the time for the heating technique to bond the seamless parts together to extend the lifespan of the bra.

Despite the drawback of extra time needed, the team decided to proceed. We are also deeply aware that some of you will be disappointed for the extra waiting time. There are 2 things that guide our product team on this mission to change bra.

First, quality is most important. We value the money that you paid for the product, trust you have for I'M IN and we wouldn't want to ship sub-standard products to you just to meet the deadline.

Second, to innovate our best in creating good bras. However, innovation is never easy as we need to attempt new techniques and set new ways to test the product rigorously. This time, we fell short. We ask for your understanding while we learnt this the hard way. We are committed to correct the shortcomings asap and emerge with better bras.

Here is how we are going to address customers with the affected products that were shipped (Before CNY batches) and for customers who are experiencing the shipping delay (After CNY batches).

For the 5th Gen in the Before CNY batches that are facing the said issues, we will be offering a 1-to-1 exchange in store. You have to simply record your order no. and bring the 5th Gen with the issues mentioned to any of our retail stores for an exchange, between 8th May to 31 May 2021.

Funan Mall, #02-23. 11:30pm to 8:30pm

Orchard Gateway, #02-04. 12pm to 9pm

For the 5th Gen in the After CNY batch with the initial arrival date of 22nd - 26th March 2021, your order will be shipped between 26th to 30th April 2021.

The orders will be processed on utmost priority and sent within 3-5 working days from the date of arrival. An email with the tracking no. will also be sent once the courier picks it up.

We know we can't make up for lost time. Nevertheless, we will include a token of apology to customers who are exchanging their 5th Gen in the Before CNY batches, as well as for customers who have purchased the 5th Gen in the After CNY batches with the arrival date of 22nd - 26th March 2021.

Lastly, we thank you for your trust and support every time we innovated on creating a new product. It was through fresh innovation like this that created the popular "4th Gen X", "MVP" and "Lift It Up" bras etc. We are still firm believers in innovating boldly to create quality intimates that don't break the purse. We will take this incident as an important lesson going forward and continue to be better.

Feel free to write to us if you have any questions at or DM us on instagram @iminxx.

Thank you,

I'M IN team

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