Bad, Bold & Beautiful Collection

March 16, 2018

Wednesday was the launch of our latest collection, the Bad, Bold & Beautiful Collection. How do you ladies like the flash photography style? It's so different from what we've done, and we love it! This collection gave off dark and bad girl vibes, which led us to think, how about we come up with concept that speaks of a strong woman? And there we have it, the Bad, Bold & Beautiful concept:

"A strong woman who does not want to be stereotyped based on how she looks. She’s more than how she looks, nothing less. Your views of her won’t make her crumble. She will show the world who she truly is and that she’s more than her looks."

In collaboration with Sharmine and Twinkle & Co, we bring you the Bad, Bold & Beautiful Collection:


Photography by: Sebelle Sharmine (IG: @xsharmine)

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