Demi Bras are now Everyday T-Shirt Bras!

May 24, 2018

Your favourite Demi Bras are now known as Everyday T-Shirt Bras! As the name suggests, these super comfortable and wireless bras are super perfect for everyday wear, to just about anywhere.

Ever felt like your bras are just stabbing you and restricting you from daily movements? Made with super soft material and comfy fabric, our Everyday T-Shirt Bras are very lightweight and breathable, it feels like you’re almost naked! Yes, you can’t really feel it on your body—because they’re so soft and there’re no wires poking you.

Not only is it extremely comfortable and light, it is also great for travelling. You can roll it however you want, and it’ll never go out of shape. Throw it in your luggage, no worries if you get it squashed by heavy items. It is INDESTRUCTIBLE. This amazing Everyday T-Shirt Bra is your perfect travel partner, The One for you ladies who are always travelling around.

It’s your everyday bra, for every occasion.

Check out our video featuring the amazing Eugena in our Everyday T-Shirt Bras!

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