Everything You Really Need To Know About Strapless Bras

July 04, 2022

Have you been hesitating to wear that one strapless outfit you've been eyeing because you're unsure what to wear it with? Do you feel self-conscious wearing certain outfits because you're sure your bra strap is poking out? Well, a strapless bra is the answer to all your woes. A strapless bra is an undergarment every modern-day woman needs to incorporate into her wardrobe. It's nothing less than a design marvel and has taken the entire lingerie industry by storm through its ingenuity and practicality.

But what are they really? And how do they work? Read on to find out all about this fantastic innovation.


What are they?

From the name, we can deduce that a strapless bra is a bra that has been made without straps. Strapless bras give the wearer unprecedented freedom to wear whatever they want without causing undue worry. You can wear them underneath outfits without sleeves or very thin sleeves like your tube tops or spaghetti straps, without fearing visible bra straps.

These days, strapless bras are more supportive than ever. All you have to do is do some thorough research before making your purchase. For example, I'M IN offers various strapless bras made from non-slip fabrics to ensure a proper grip. Some of our strapless bras are more comfortable, and some make support a priority. You can even purchase a strapless bra that creates a "push-up" effect and lifts your bustline to your desired height.


The types of strapless bras available 

Here, listed for your convenience, are the types of strapless bras you'll find:

- Push-up strapless bras: If you want to create the effect of some perkier cleavage, a push-up strapless bra is just what you need. They heighten your bustline while also adding a few sizes to your current cup size for that "lift" effect.

- Padded strapless bras: Choose a padded strapless bra if you want that perfect outline. The padding enhances your chest area while also ensuring security for your breasts.

- Non-padded strapless bras: Better known as a tube or bandeau bra, this type of strapless bra is just a thick band that provides just enough support while being exceptionally comfortable.

- Strapless bras with underwire: For women with a bigger chest, the underwire of these strapless bras provides optimal reinforcement while still helping you maintain the silhouette you're looking for.


How do you choose a strapless bra? 

So now that you're familiar with the various styles of strapless bras, how do you go about actually deciding what to purchase? Here's a brief guide on how to choose the strapless bra for you. 

1. Find your size

Ensuring that you find the right size bra is essential before you make your purchase. Since strapless bras don't offer the stability provided by straps, you have to be extra careful to pick the bras that fit well so that the band is supportive enough without causing spillage.

2. Find the right grip

Make sure the fabric of your strapless bra offers you the best grip to avoid any unfortunate slipping. Luckily, all the strapless bras at I'M IN are made from the highest quality anti-slip fabric.

3. Find the right boning

Side boning ensures that your bra maintains its firmness and shape, so make sure that the boning on your bra is strong without being suffocating.

4. Find the perfect amount of hooks

If you have larger assets, you might want to look into strapless bras with more hooks for added security.



Now that you know all there is to know about the wonderful strapless bra, you can make informed purchasing decisions and find your inner fashionista. Strapless tops, tube dresses, and off-the-shoulder outfits are all within your reach. So, don't hesitate. Come on to I'M IN, where we provide everyday strapless bras that combine comfort, support, and style. Contact us today to learn more!

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