Gift Sets

November 03, 2016

It's a been awhile since we last launched our gift sets. So today, we would like to introduce to you our newly released gift sets! Now you can stop googling for "Best Gift". These are not just the best but the most interesting gift ever! 


# Carousel Sweets Gift Set: For the sweet-natured soul who goes Oooo and Ahhh at cute pastel things.


#2 Wolf Street Gift Set: We've all heard about crazy cat lovers but today, this is all about the crazy dog lovers. Trust me, they are real and alive.

#3 Monochromatic Gal Gift Set: Dam right gurl. Once you go black, you never go back.

#4 Gentle Paws Gift Set: She's all about human-animal bonding. She squeals at the sight of anything that's on all fours.

#5 Junk Fools Gift Set: Junk foods should only be consumed in moderation. Hence, here's a solution to curb your cravings! 

#6 Spirit Animals Gift Set: Meet Bambi, Huckleberry and Sheldon. I'M IN's favourite gift set out of the rest... The color combination is pleasing to the eye and we are certain your giftee is going to love them!

#7 Dazzle Me Gift Set: Bling bling! Diamonds and gems are ladies' favourite. If you can't afford to get her a new diamond ring/bracelet/necklace, here's a good alternative to ease the pain in your pocket. Heehee!

P.S Not a recommended alternative for marriage proposal.

#8 Love In Space Gift Set: Here's something for someone who has a fascination with all things space and PAC-MAN.

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