Guide to wearing the air-ee Multi-Way Bandeau Slim (Signature Edition)

May 19, 2023

#iminxxfam, thank you for the overwhelming support and love towards our air-ee Multi-Way Bandeau Slim launch! We can’t wait for y’all ladies to experience the softest bandeau of ‘dem all!

We have a few frequently asked questions from our #iminxxfam on the bandeau slim sizing we are here to assist y’all!

🔔 Let’s get y’all started on how to wear the air-ee Multi-Way Bandeau Slim!

Some of y’all may question: Why does the Bandeau Slim feels tighter than the usual during the first few wears?

For the initial first few wears, it’s normal to feel a little tighter than usual due to the following reasons:

  1. The side bands are made slightly shorter for a better grip as a bandeau (strapless) for a less-slip, less-shift experience, so as it stays up!
  2. The side bands are made double lined for enhanced stretch recovery.
  3. It’s still NEW!

After the first few wear, the bands elasticity will get seasoned, and it will be a breeze to wear. It will gradually adjust and mould to your body shape, offering the perfect balance of support and flexibility.

While the air-ee bandeau slim is designed to be snug, the side bands are actually super stretchy!

To ensure y’all will have the best experience, we recommend giving the bandeau a little time to adjust and stretch to your body. You'll find that it becomes more comfortable and fits you perfectly after a few wears. 😍

Here's a size guide for your reference:

We hope this helps you with the fitting of our air-ee Bandeau Slim. Enjoy the new addition to your lingerie wardrobe!

Explore the SOFTEST bandeau of 'dem all - air-ee Multi-Way Bandeau Slim (Signature Edition)



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