I’M IN Goes to Indonesia 🇮🇩

May 19, 2023

Congratulations to I’M IN @ Indonesia for their first ever pop-up event! 🥳 It’s an exciting opportunity to expand I’M IN to Indonesia and reach out to new customers in a different market!

Our Singapore HQ team had the opportunity to fly over to Indonesia to assist our Indo team for the pop-up event! Not only we show a strong commitment, but we bring valuable expertise and support to ensure its success! We also aim to create a memorable event for our Indonesia #iminxxfam!

For the pop-up event, we re-created a retail store-like atmosphere within our event space that can enhance the overall shopping experience for our Indonesia #iminxxfam. This allows them to get engaged with out products in a more immersive and interactive way!

Here’s how it looks:

We had an amazing 3 days event! Meeting media friends and existing customers in person created a personal and memorable experience for everyone involved. It's a great opportunity to strengthen relationships and gather feedback!

Allowing our customers to touch, feel, and experience I’M IN bras firsthand is a fantastic way to showcase the quality and comfort of our products. This hands-on approach significantly impact the customer’s perception.

By hosting this pop-up event, it provides customers with the opportunity to try on our bras and address any concerns they may have had about the fit. Being able to physically try on the products can alleviate any doubts and help customers with their purchase.

It's great that many customers were able to experience our bras firsthand and make their first purchase as a result. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also builds trust in our brand. The event served as a valuable touchpoint to showcase the quality, comfort, and fit of your products.

Having supportive customers who went to purchase and show their support for our first pop-up event in Indonesia is truly encouraging. It's a clear indication that our brand has resonated with the local audience and that our efforts are being recognised and appreciated.

By having loyal customers who are willing to go out of their way to support us is a testament to the value I’M IN provides. Their presence at our pop-up event not only boosts morale but also helps create a positive atmosphere and generates word-of-mouth publicity.

#iminxxfam of Indonesia, we can’t wait to see all of y’all real soon in the 3rd/4th Quarter of 2023! And.. it will be in one of the BIGGEST CITIES in Indonesia, which is known for its vibrant culture, shopping and delicious food — Jakarta!

Wanna get the latest updates on I’M IN? Follow us on our @iminxx.id to get more updates!

Thank you and see y’all ladies real soon 🤗



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