I’M IN x Hazelle Official Launch Event

January 19, 2024

Hello #iminxxfam! I’M IN x Hazelle Collection was officially launched last weekend on January 13, 2024, at 12 PM SGT on iminxx.com! To celebrate the collection's debut, we organised an exclusive launch event for I’M IN x Hazelle.

This marks the very 1st collaboration for I’M IN with a personality in co-designing a collection. The collaboration is a thrilling venture between I’M IN and the versatile Mediacorp Personality, Hazelle Teo. Her contagious enthusiasm, diligent work ethic, and lively personality harmonise effortlessly with the ethos of I’M IN, rendering her an ideal match for this joint collaboration. We were captivated by her vibrant energy and fervor, qualities that mirror the core essence of I’M IN.

In our collaboration with Mediacorp Personality, Hazelle Teo, we focused on our No. 1 Comfiest air-ee range, aligning with her emphasis on comfort, confidence and being comfortable with our skin. I’M IN’s air-ee collection is renowned for its exceptional 101% comfort and seamless fit, a perfect complement to Hazelle Teo’s personal style.

Co-designing our biggest air-ee launch ever, the I’M IN x Hazelle design direction focus on Hazelle’s personal style, preference and even her favourite colours. The 2 key colours are Baby Blue which signifies Serenity and Calmness and Baby Pink which signifies Youthfulness and Innocence. 

We were absolutely thrilled to have Mediacorp Personality, Hazelle Teo, join us at the event. She shared her thoughts and journey with us, providing insights into the co-designing process of the I’M IN x Hazelle Collection. It was an unforgettable experience, and we're grateful to everyone who joined us in making it a success! 💕

We extended a warm invitation to our media friends, who graciously attended the I’M IN x Hazelle event to celebrate this significant milestone with us! What made the occasion even more special was seeing all our media friends dressed in our air-ee Seamless Bodysuit, each showcasing their unique style. It was a heartfelt moment to witness everyone flaunting in our air-ee Seamless Bodysuit with such elegance and individuality! 👗

💬 Fun fact: Ever wondered how the collaboration of I’M IN x Hazelle came about? It all started when we showcased our air-ee V-neck bras on The Wonder Shop and Hazelle made her very first purchase. She was captivated by the style and comfort of the air-ee V-neck bras. And thus, the journey of the I’M IN x Hazelle Collection began!

I’M IN x Hazelle Collection is co-designed with Mediacorp Personality, Hazelle Teo that incorporates our No. 1 Comfiest air-ee range and her styles and design sense. After 1 year of planning and discussion, I’M IN x Hazelle Collection came to life because Hazelle believes that every girl should embody three things all at once: Confident, Comfortable and Cute!

Why do we design our I’M IN x Hazelle Collection in the No. 1 Comfiest air-ee fabric?
Tried and tested by thousands of y’all, our signature air-ee fabric is known for its smooth, silken seamless premium fabric that feels so much like second skin like y’all are literally not wearing anything. Developed and made by I’M IN, our air-ee fabric is specially woven, and the fabric is highly sweat absorbent and the amazing stretch recovery fits your curves like a glove!

This is by far the BIGGEST air-ee Signature Edition launch ever as it introduces I’M IN’s first ever pullover bras and bodysuits under the I’M IN x Hazelle Collection, with the expansion of our No. 1 Comfiest air-ee range!

I’M IN x Hazelle is a co-designed collection of our No.1 comfiest range: air-ee signature edition, designed based on her style, preference & favourite colours. The collection includes 4 NEW styles, I’M IN’s 1st ever pullover bra & bodysuit!

#Style 1:
air-ee V-Neck Seamless Pullover Bra: Flaunt your neckline with the chic v-neck cutting and your back with the wide and low u-back design that is perfect for both casual and formal outfits!

#Style 2:
air-ee Scoop Neck Seamless Pullover Bra: Easiness to wear, full coverage, supportive, evens out back bulges!

#Style 3:
air-ee Square Neck Seamless Bodysuit: Made in the No. 1 Comfiest air-ee fabric, this bodysuit features a chic look with it’s ultra thin 0.5cm straps & square neckline.

#Style 4:
air-ee Bare-Back Seamless Bodysuit: designed to let you flaunt your back while maintaining an elegant style.

We had the honour to interview our Co-Founder, Kingsley:

Here are some highlights from the interactions with our media friends during the I’M IN x Hazelle event:

Each of our media friends had the wonderful opportunity to capture memorable moments with Mediacorp Personality, Hazelle Teo! It was a delightful experience filled with smiles, laughter, and shared joy during the I’M IN x Hazelle event.

We also had the honour of hosting the Best Style Award during the event, where Mediacorp Personality, Hazelle Teo, handpicked the three best-dressed media friends. It was a delightful celebration of individual style and flair, adding an extra layer of excitement to the I’M IN x Hazelle event!
I’M IN x Hazelle Collection is now launched online at our official website! Explore I’M IN x Hazelle Collection here:👇

For ladies who would want to experience the fit of the 4 NEW styles under I’M IN x Hazelle Collection, y’all can do so this weekend as it will be available in stores for y’all to try on. Collection of your Pre-Order I'M IN x Hazelle will be from 3rd Feb onwards:

Orchard Gateway, #02-04
Funan Mall, #02-23
Tampines 1, #02-31
Jewel Changi Airport: #B1-239

Last but certainly not least, our heartfelt thanks go out to Mediacorp Personality, Hazelle Teo, and all of our media friends for taking the time to attend the I’M IN x Hazelle event. Your presence and support added immense joy and significance to this memorable occasion. We truly appreciate your time and enthusiasm in celebrating this special milestone with us! 🌟💕

Till then, see y’all ladies in our next event! Xx, #iminxx

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