I'M IN goes to Indonesia, Jakarta

December 04, 2023

💕 Celebrating another accomplishment for our I'M IN @ Indonesia! This time, we've successfully launched a pop-up store in the heart of Indonesia, specifically in Jakarta.
Despite the peak period, our dedicated Singapore HQ team flew over to Indonesia and pleasantly surprised our Indo team. Witnessing the enthusiastic turnout from all of y’all at our pop-up store was truly awe-inspiring and made this event a memorable experience for our Indonesia #iminxxfam! But, before we head off to give out Indonesia team a surprise, we filled our tummies with yummy food 😋

During the pop-up event, we curated a retail store-like atmosphere within our event space, aiming to elevate the overall shopping experience for our Indonesia #iminxxfam. This setup allows them to actively engage with our products in a more immersive and interactive manner. Your support and participation have made this initiative a resounding success!

Here’s a glimpse of how the pop-up store look like:

Despite the Singapore HQ team's brief one-day stay, they were delighted to connect with both existing and new customers, fostering a personal and unforgettable experience for everyone involved. This presents an excellent opportunity to fortify customer relationships and gather valuable feedback.

Enabling customers to physically interact with, feel, and experience I'M IN bras firsthand serves as a remarkable way to highlight the quality and comfort of our products. This hands-on approach has a significant impact on how customers perceive our brand.
Through hosting this pop-up store, customers had the chance to try on our bras and address any concerns they may have had regarding the fit. The ability to physically engage with the products helps alleviate doubts and assists customers in making informed purchase decisions.
The fact that many customers could experience our bras firsthand and make their initial purchase is a testament to the event's success. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also cultivates trust in our brand. The pop up store acted as a crucial touchpoint, showcasing the superior quality, comfort, and fit of our products.

The presence of supportive customers who actively went to purchase and express their support for our pop-up store in Indonesia is genuinely uplifting. It clearly signals that our brand has struck a chord with the local audience, and our endeavors are acknowledged and valued.

The commitment of loyal customers, going the extra mile to support us, serves as a testament to the value that I'M IN brings. Their attendance at our pop-up store not only uplifts morale but also contributes to fostering a positive atmosphere, generating organic word-of-mouth publicity.

#iminxxfam of Indonesia, we can’t wait to see all of y’all real soon again! Wanna get the latest updates on I’M IN? Follow us on our @iminxx.id to get more updates!

Thank you and see y’all ladies real soon 🤗 Xx

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