#IMINXX My Body, My Temple Confidence Photoshoot 2022

November 22, 2022

Months ago, I’M IN opened up the registration to women from all walks of life regardless of age, shape, size and/or skin-tone to participate in our “My Body, My Temple” Confidence Photoshoot 2022 and we are so humbled by the overwhelming responses from our #iminxxfam. Thank you for the tremendous love & continuous support for I’M IN.

The shoot was filled with so much laughters, fun and love even though we’re all strangers meeting for the first time. A shoot where women empowers women; Where we accept, love and support the women standing aside us regardless of whether she looks like us, speaks like us or come from the same background as us.

Every women deserve to have a positive body image — a healthier and more realistic relationship with their bodies, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape, size and appearance. No matter the race, gender, sexuality and disability.

These ladies are donned in our No.1 Comfiest bras, the NEW! air-ee Square Neck, Thick Straps and V-Neck (Signature Edition). Tried and tested by #iminxxfam themselves, the air-ee collection consists of the softest and comfiest bras that are ideal for everyday wear, whether you’re out hustling or just chilling at home. 


The winner for the most popular air-ee style goes to Thin Straps and the most supportive? Definitely our Thick Straps. “It’s so comfy and supportive!” as shared by our #iminxxfam after putting it on for the very first time. Moreover, if you’re looking for a bra that fits perfectly under your low-cut tops, go for V-Neck and for squarish tops, go for Square Neck.


Let’s hear some of our #iminxxfam stories!

It’s been an amazing journey with you ladies. Thank you for giving I’M IN this honour and opportunity to make this happen! Till next time ladies!

Xx, I’M IN

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