Jewel Official Opening Weekend: 21st & 22nd October 2023

October 17, 2023

#iminxxfam, by now y'all should have known that I'M IN will be opening up our 4th store, landing at the world's best airport, the BIGGEST milestone yet - Jewel @ Changi Airport 💎

We will be having our Jewel Official Opening Weekend, happening on 21st & 22nd October 2023! Are y'all ladies all ready to kickstart your journey with us?

Here's what y'all will be expecting during our Jewel Official Opening Weekend:

🎁 Perk #1: 💎 Jewel Exclusive Launch🪄 Working its magic to defy gravity offering unmatched support that enhances your natural curves. Buy-1-Get-1 (BOGO) on MagicLift Modal Wireless Bra and Cheekie! Y’all can mix and match the colours and sizes between the bra and the cheekies respectively.

The Gravity-Defying Magic: MagicLift Modal Wireless Bra and Cheekie — Immerse yourself in the softest t-shirt material and prepare to be carried away by the captivating cloud-like comfort upgrade!

☁️ Modal® Fabric — soft, smooth feel akin to your most comfortable, cotton t-shirt material.
🪶 Push up effect — all within an incredibly thin, lightly-lined design, measuring just 0.8cm in thickness.
🪢 Iconic IMINXX elastic bands — thoughtfully designed to be visually pleasing while maintaining elasticity and comfort.
💧 Teardrop shaped padding — pulling your girlies in to provide a fuller, lifted appearance without the need for thick, bulky padding.

Comes in 3 colours with its matching Modal Mid-Rise Cheekie:
Slate Blackdark and dignified colour, that features a very dark, almost black shade with subtle, cool undertones.
Granite Grayfeatures a medium to dark gray shade with a mixture of cool and warm undertones.
Smooth Claymuted and earthy colour, that features a warm, subdued shade that combines elements of beige, tan, and brown.

Size chart reference for MagicLift Modal Wireless Bra:

Size chart reference for Modal Mid-Rise Cheekies:

🎁 Perk #2: 💎 Jewel Exclusive Launch — Luxurious Cooling Crease-less Satin Shorts — perfect for warm weather or for keeping cool during indoor lounging. Buy-1-Get-1(BOGO) on Luxurious Cooling Crease-less Satin Shorts! Y’all can mix and match the colours and sizes too.

These satin shorts offer both comfort and style, making them a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

Here's a reference for all the 10 🌈 rainbow colours:

Champagne Mist - soft and elegant colour, that combines shades of pale gold, subtle beige, and a touch of muted, pearly pink or ivory.

Shimmering Blush - delicate and enchanting color that combines the softness of blush pink, with a shimmering, almost translucent overlay that may have hints of silver or gold hues.

Sunset Pinkcaptivating and vivid colour, that features shades of pink that range from soft pastels to richer, warmer tones and slightly orange-tinged pinks.

Lavender Mistsoft and ethereal colour, that features a pale lavender or lilac base with a touch of muted, subtle gray or white.

Snow Frostcrisp and icy colour, that features shades of pure white or pale gray, often with a subtle hint of blue or silver

Stormy - deep, dark shade with a mixture of cool and grayish undertones

Graphite Graydark and sophisticated colour, that features a rich and deep shade of gray, sometimes with cool or slightly blue undertones.

Lush Meadowrich and vibrant colour, that features a bold, saturated green with undertones of emerald or forest green.

Moonlightsoft and romantic colour, features shades of pale gray, soft silver, and muted blue, often with a touch of cool or lavender undertones.

Eclipsedeep and mysterious colour, that features rich, dark, and almost black hues.

With a spending of S$50 (after discount), and with any purchase of the Luxurious Cooling Crease-less Satin Short, each customer will be entitled to a complimentary embroidery services and it is only limited to 1 embroidery per customer. Limited slots, while slots lasts. 

Here's a size reference for y'all to refer to:

🎁 Perk #3: Time to stock up on your favourite strapless bras, bralettes, cheekies and shapewears as these will be on 20% off storewide (excluding MagicLift Modal BOGO and Luxurious Satin Shorts BOGO)

🎁Perk #4: Surprise Gift - Limited Edition I'M IN Hologram Pouch (worth S$19.90) with a min. spend of $80 (after discount).

🎁Perk #5: RSVP Goodie Bag (valued at $121) — Be spoilt with treats from our 11 sponsors when y’all register for our RSVP Priority Queue!

For ladies who did not managed to RSVP for the Priority Queue, fret not! Do come down to our Jewel Official Opening Weekend and join our Public Queue to enjoy the opening promo perks!

We can't wait to see y'all ladies this weekend!

Xx, #iminxx




Terms & Conditions: Stocks, buy 1 get 1 promotions, free gifts, free embroidery service are all on while stocks lasts, limited slots only.  

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