Knocking Down 4 Of The Most Common Myths About Push Up Bras

June 20, 2022

Rewind to the 1990s and early 2000s, and you'll probably notice a lot of commercials advertising push-up bras. Indeed, these times were the peak of super push-up bras, all thanks to TV shows like Baywatch and celebrities like Pam Anderson, who normalised perfectly round breasts as the most desirable bust shape. 

However, over the recent years, lingerie manufacturers have seen an alarming decline in the sales of push-up bras. For some fashion experts, this decline is mainly due to the increasing popularity of non-curvy celebrities like Cara Delevingne, who inspire more and more women to ditch the "big boobs" fashion trend. 

However, for some, the decline is also attributable to the numerous misconceptions surrounding push-up bras to this day. Indeed, this misinformation has affected the consumers' views and attitudes in an unprecedented way. Here are 4 of the most common myths about push-up bras that we are debunking for you now.


Myth #1: Push-up bras are only for small-chested women

This is perhaps the most prominent misconception people have about push-up bras – that they are only meant to be worn by small-chested women who want to make their breasts look bigger. To be precise, a flat-chested woman needs a bra that helps in providing a form to her bust area. This means that it is not necessary for all small-chested girls to go for a push-up bra.

As a matter of fact, a heavy-chested woman can also sport a push-up bra, as this will provide them with the lift and support that they need. No matter your bra size, a push-up bra is also the ideal companion for party wear on days when you need that extra glamour and sex appeal!


Myth #2: Push-up bras must be worn only on special occasions

Another reason many women are hesitant to wear push-up bras is that they believe this type of bra should only be worn on special occasions. Here's a question we'd like to pose: when will you consider yourself special? Why would you wait for a special occasion when you can wear one now?

If you decide to incorporate a push-up bra into your everyday wear, it will not only improve your bosom but also boost your confidence in your look. Always remember that if you think you can pull off a push-up bra with any of the clothes you wear, you definitely can! Most of the time, it is just a matter of confidence in yourself and that you can carry off a push-up bra. 


Myth #3: Push-up bras automatically give you a defined cleavage 

While this is true for some bras, you should remember that not all push-up bras are alike. They will not all create the same effect when you wear them. Some push-up bras can provide your breasts with the much-needed lift and support without necessarily creating a lot of cleavage.

On the other hand, some push-up bras are designed specifically to help women achieve a more defined cleavage. The main point here is that not all push-up bras can automatically give you a cleavage, but you can choose one that does! All you have to do is to conduct thorough research and ask questions before you make any purchase.


Myth #4: All push-up bras are the same

As mentioned previously, not all push-up bras are created the same. This type of bra comes with various types of padding. Usually, it differs from one another in terms of the degree of padding, the materials used, and the strap alignment. Hence, a padded push-up bra will certainly be distinct from a regular push-up bra, as the latter may only have a light or small padding on the base to generate a push effect. 



Misinformation is indeed one of the main reasons why the sale of push-up bras has slowly declined over the past few years. Hopefully, now that you are already aware of the most common myths attached to push-up bras, it will be easier for you to convince yourself and other women to experience this type of bra's beauty and comfort.

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