Perk It Up! Matte Super Push Up Collection

June 14, 2018

Your favourite Super Push Up Bra is back! Made with a different matte hearts fabric, the Oomph! Matte Super Push Up Bra is sure to win the hearts of the ladies who love all things sweet.

Vanilla Black and Vanilla Nude are your must-haves, the basic colours perfect for everyday wear. But if you’re feeling cute and girly that day, go for the Vanilla Pink. It’s such a sweet pink, you’re bound to fall in love with it!

The Oomph! Matte 2-Way Wireless Super Push Up Bra is made in the exact same fit and cutting as our best-selling Oomph! 2-Way Wireless Super Push Up Strapless Bra. So if you loved that, you’ll definitely love this too!

The second Super Push Up Bra in our latest mini collection is the Perk It Up! 2-Way Wireless Super Push Up Bra. Another versatile and comfy Super Push Up Bra to add to our collection.

The Perk It Up! Super Push Up Bra has thicker side bands, which gives more side support. Because who likes side boobs?! The Super Push Up padding found in this bra is slightly thicker than the Oomph! Matte Super Push Up Bra.

Don’t know which Super Push Up bra to choose? Let us help you with this little comparison chart so that you can make the right decision and find your perfect bra.


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