Strapless Bra Week: Which Strapless Bra To Choose?

March 29, 2018

It’s the Strapless Bra Week! We know our strapless bras are your faves, so how can we miss out on doing a Strapless Bra Week? If you’re one of the ladies who have not owned any of our strapless bras… Girllll, you’re totally missing out!

Well, here’s your chance to give them a try because now there’s a promo of $5 off all strapless bras going on! And get your FREE Honey Jo OR Peach Jo Cheekie when you purchase 2 or more strapless bras ;)


Promo is valid from 27/03/18, 12PM to 02/04/18, 12PM.

We carry 2 kinds of strapless bras, the first being the 100% Non-Slip ones. We have 4 of these: the 1st Gen, 2nd Gen, the holy grail of all strapless bras—the 3rd Gen, as well as the String-It-Up strapless bra.

Let’s do a compare and contrast between the 4 to find out which one suits you best!

If you have sensitive skin, the 2nd and 3rd Gen will be perfect for you as they do not come with silicone strips. Guaranteed no irritation! 

However, do take note to go for one size larger than your usual size if you're planning to purchase either the 1st Gen, 2nd Gen or the String-It-Up strapless bra as the bands were made shorter for a tighter and secure fit. Meaning, if you're usually a 34B, we'd recommend you to take 36B instead. So do remember to size up for these 3 designs if you want a comfier fit!

The second kind of strapless bras are those that are not 100% Non-Slip, and are 2-way so you can choose to wear them with or without straps.

If a push up effect is what you're looking for, the Oomph! strapless bra will be your best friend. We dare say it's one of the comfiest Super Push Up bras around, thanks to it being entirely wireless and made of a material that's super soft!

For the ladies that love lace, you won't wanna miss out on the Sexy Beyond Words and Double Trouble strapless bra. It's gorgeous, it's comfy, who can say no? 

Have you found out which kind of strapless bra is your perfect match? If yes, then it’s time to go get ‘em now!


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