The No.1 Comfiest Lace EVER — air-ee Lace Seamless Bra (Signature Edition)

December 04, 2023

THE BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH LAUNCH IN 2023! - SOFEST, SMOOTHEST, MOST STRETCHY EVER, air-ee lace fabric that glides on your skin ☁️ Experience the No.1 Comfiest air-ee in the softest lace — air-ee Lace Seamless Bra (Signature Edition).
#iminxxfam, since the moment we introduced our unparalleled creation, the No. 1 Comfiest Lace EVER – the air-ee Lace Seamless Bra (Signature Edition), the outpouring of love and support has been truly heartwarming! 🤗

The responses from our incredible #iminxxfam has been nothing short of extraordinary, and we can't express enough gratitude for the overwhelming support you've shown towards our latest creation. 🙇‍♀️
Each detail of the air-ee Lace has been carefully curated with your comfort in mind. Designed in-house, we are dedicated to perfecting the softness, stretchiness, and the intricate details of print and repeated patterns.

Featuring a sleek chevron and IMINXX design, made with a new sewing technology, woven thread by thread with no seams, where we made it ultra soft, ultra stretchy and ultra smooth. It doesn’t even feel like y’all are wearing lace at all!

Oh, and here's an exciting tidbit – did y’all know that the air-ee Lace Seamless Bra is the first to feature matching coloured paddings? Yes, y’all heard it right! Each bra comes with a set of 0.5cm thin unibody regular padding, perfectly complementing the exquisite design.

It comes in 4 pastel colours:


Almond Nude

Cotton Candy Pink

Cotton Candy Blue
Not only do we pamper your girlies but we also pamper your bunbuns as well! The Softest, Smoothest, and the one of it’s kind air-ee Lace made and developed by I’M IN — air-ee Lace Mid-Rise Seamless Cheekies.

Made entirely with soft chevron air-ee lace and hand woven piece by piece to determine the softness and elasticity. The lace is 100% non-prickly and is suitable for sensitive skin. The best part, it is entirely seamless, meaning NO VPL! 😉

To explore more, head on over to the collection page with the link below:
For those ladies who would love to try and experience the fit, head on down to our 4 physical stores located at:

Orchard Gateway, #02-04
12PM to 9PM daily

Funan Mall, #02-23
1030AM to 930PM daily

Tampines 1, #02-31
11AM to 9PM daily

Jewel Changi Airport, #B1-239
11AM to 9PM daily

We can’t wait for y’all to try on our No. 1 Comfiest Lace EVER — air-ee Lace Seamless Bra (Signature Edition) 💕, Xx

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