Tips And Tricks To Bra Shopping For Small-Chested Women

August 29, 2022

 In a society where a flatter chest may be seen as undesirable, it can be difficult for small-breasted to stay confident in their bodies. Because of these insecurities, many women stop themselves from dressing the way they want. They hesitate to accentuate parts of their bodies that they struggle to accept, a commonplace issue in many people. In the past, finding a bra that you’re comfortable with and improves your self-confidence was a tall order. But these days, there are plenty of options for individuals of all shapes and sizes – including small-chested women!

With all the technology and more opportunities being opened up, finding a bra that works for you is easier than ever. If you’re someone with smaller breasts and are looking for tips on how to find the right bra for you, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for a better, more stress-free bra shopping experience.

1. Make sure the bra is supportive

There’s been a serious misconception that flat-chested women don’t require support when wearing bras. This is entirely baseless. Women of all persuasions and from all walks of life need to ensure they’re purchasing bras with robust support to avoid sagging breasts as they age.

2. Find your correct measurements

Finding the right fit for your bra is absolutely essential. Every woman needs to get measured accurately and annually to account for any changes in her body. After all, the slightest miscalculation can lead to plenty of discomfort and annoyance in their lives.

3. Invest in a high-quality bra

Bras are the one piece of apparel that you shouldn’t stinge on. It’s called “intimate wear” for a reason. Some people wrongfully believe that women with a smaller bust size don’t need to pay as much when shopping for bras. In reality, everyone, regardless of size, should invest in a bra that you can be sure will last for a good while.

4. Experiment with different materials

Most people are unaware that bra sizes change depending on the material used. If you’re experimenting with different fabric underwear, you’ll want to do some trial and error to find the perfect fit every time.

5. Wear a sports bra

Women with flat chests should never forego a sports bra when exercising. Even if you feel like it’s unnecessary, research shows that a sports bra helps prevent aches and pains in the chest area – no matter its size.

6. Find a bra with structure 

Bras designed with structure in mind are a great idea for people trying to define and accentuate their chest better, i.e., women with small busts. For instance, bras with boning add shape and push your breasts to create attractive cleavage. Try it for yourself and see the difference!


Whatever your body looks like, don’t let your insecurities come in between you and the perfect bra! Everyone deserves underwear that can make them feel sexy, confident, and comfortable all at once. That’s why we at I’m In, make it our mission to offer a vast range of the highest quality bras you’ll find in Singapore. From everyday strapless bras to beautiful bralettes, come down to our store or browse our website to find what you need. Contact our team today to learn more!

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