VVIP Preview Event: Air-ee V-Neck Signature Edition

June 06, 2022

Hey sweetpeas!

Guess what happened last Thursday on the 26th May 2022?! I’M IN hosted our very 1st private ticketed launch event at I’M IN Tampines 1 — featuring our latest, air-ee v-neck signature edition!

Thank you ladies for snapping up the tickets so quickly and spending your precious evening with us! ❤️ Y’all are the lucky ones who managed to preview the air-ee v-neck signature edition in real life before anyone else!

So here’s how the event went…

We started off with a short introduction from the team but hmm… it seems like you ladies have been keeping up with our social medias because y’all already knew all the deets!

Then, we moved on to preview the official try-on video. This 2-minutes video held all the deets that you need to know about our latest air-ee v-neck signature edition!

After watching the video, you ladies got busy with trying on the bras and even checking out! It seems as if y’all already knew what you wanna get. But I guess the trickiest part was definitely trying to figure out which is Almond Nude and which is Creamy Latte, right?!

And that wraps up I’M IN 1st private launch event! We’re so glad that y’all managed to get all your air-ee v-neck signature edition bras and cheekies! ❤️

(Thank you for letting us a snap a pic of you! It’s a pity we didn’t get your name but wow! Look at that receipt…)

It was such a joy to meet and chat with each & every single one of you! Thank you for bringing along your BFFs, sisters and mom for this private event. And we hope y’all enjoyed the goodie bag and little cupcake!

See y’all next time, #iminxxfam!

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