What To Look Out For When Buying The Perfect Bra

August 01, 2022

Finding a bra that doesn't just fit you but also feels like it was made with you in mind can do wonders for your self-confidence. The perfect bra will support your bust, help you look better in whatever clothing you choose to wear, and is comfortable enough to enjoy your day without a hitch. Additionally, purchasing good undergarments ultimately saves you money because they'll be used more often and last longer.  

But with all the choices available, how do you know what kind of bra will work for you? Picking the right bra goes beyond simple measurements. You need to consider whether it will suit the shape and size of your breasts and if they work with your lifestyle and fashion preferences. In this article, we've compiled a list of bras and the reasons why or why not they would be a good fit for you. 


1. Underwire vs. wireless

Bras fitted with underwires provide you with a more pleasing breast shape, but it doesn't necessarily mean they are more supportive than their wireless counterpart. If you find a bra of the right size, a wireless bra should provide enough support for anyone. However, it should be noted that underwires in bras are considerably unforgiving and won't stretch or bend to fit any changes in body shape. Hence, a wireless bra will accommodate you much better if you have a broader chest or are curvier.


2. Bras that close in the front vs. the back 

Bras that close in the front are much easier to wear and subsequently remove. However, because you would be unable to adjust the band's tightness, it won't fit you as perfectly as it could. If you are someone who has breasts that sit quite widely or narrowly apart, this type of bra may force them into awkward positioning. With a bra that closes from the back, there's a wider variety of cup shapes and increased scope for adjustments to be made on the band.


3. Compression vs. encapsulation  

This concept mainly pertains to sports bras, as regular bras should not be compressing your chest. Compression bras push your breasts up to your chest with no other means of multidirectional support. This is much more suitable for people with smaller breasts, i.e., B cup or less. 

On the other hand, an encapsulation bra is fitted with cups and panels around each breast. Hence, your chest is much more wholly supported, making it ideal for people with a larger bust.


4. Plunging vs. full coverage 

If you are planning on wearing a low-cut dress or top, you can't go wrong with a plunging bra. And, if you are someone with a small to medium-sized chest, these bras also offer ample support. It should be noted, however, that without the padding, your breasts might not retain the fuller, lifted look. Additionally, people with a full chest may not receive the support they desire. A full coverage bra is notoriously supportive and enhances the shape of your breasts in an unparalleled way. 



Finding the right bra can be a freeing experience. After all, like it or not, bras are essential to daily life. You want to find something safe, comfortable, and looks good so you will have the confidence to take on the day. At I'm In, we offer a wide range of fantastic, premium quality bras. From everyday strapless bras to amazing push-up bras, we have it all. Contact us today to find out more! 

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