The No. 1 Comfiest bra you have ever worn! #legit 

What are the differences?

Get ready to be IMPRESSED by the softest, smoothest, comfiest seamless bra ever. Feels almost like nothing! 

Our Air-ee Bra has been tried and tested by our IMINXX team, thousands of customers and everyone sang praises for it. The reason why we named it Air-ee is because the smooth, silken seamless premium fabric feels so much like second skin that the closest word to describe this amazing feeling is air. Also, what better bra for our Aireeday wear right? You definitely need to feel this to believe and be impressed instantly! 

Sizing tip:

Thin & Thick Straps : Recommend to keep to your usual sizing.

V-Neck & Square Neck: Recommend to upsize if you are in between sizes OR using the 3rd/4th outermost hook of air-ee Thin/Thick straps as cutting runs a little smaller, about 1 - 1.5cm as compared to Thin/Thick Straps. 

And always try it on when you receive it. As the best way to know if it’s a perfect fit is to try it on :) You can always upsize/downsize after trying it and have it exchanged with our 30 days exchange policy.