Collaboration with GLOW: Launch Event

October 07, 2016

So a few weeks back, we've been invited by the ah-mazing GLOW team to sponsor some cheekies at their launch event! Boy, was it fun and especially the food! My fav, Acai Berries from @selvafoods

You have no idea how many cups I devoured and I'm not ashame to admit about it, cos' it's that good! On top of that, no guilt from overeating something healthy right heehee!

The GLOW team were extremely kind to sponsor us 10x jars of GLOW deep detox black mask for our customers :) OMG you should try.

I have tried on it myself and I really like the tingling feeling on my face. At first, I thought "Nooo, is this the i-want-to-crawl-my-face-out itch or mmmm-deeply satisfying shiok itch? Well, it's the latter! I have a table mirror and it was the first time in my life I've ever stare at myself in the mirror for 20mins. Watching how the black goo on my face turns into army camo print! 

After washing my face, *no kidding* my face did look like it's glowing? It's subtle, but I look less dead and felt refreshed? I don't put face mask religiously (that explains the uneven skin tone), but I will definitely give the GLOW black mask a try for the next couple of months! 

 Till then!


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