Lightly-Lined vs Push Up

March 17, 2023

#iminxxfam, have y’all ever gotten confused by the wide range of different bras and wonder what’s the difference between a lightly-lined and a push up bra?

Let’s go in depth to understand the differences between Lightly-lined and Push Up bras.


Lightly-lined bras are made in 2 layers, a thin layer of padding & fabric lining. It keeps your nips hidden, smoothens your shape, gives you a natural looking bust shape. It’s also usually “invisible” under your outfits.

Features of Lightly-lined bras

  • Minimal padding
  • More coverage
  • Lightweight
  • Subtle underneath clothes
  • Retains volume, do not further enhance the size of your girlies

Push Up

Push up bras are made with thicker padding, usually at the side and bottom of the cups. It provides you with an instant va-va-voom lift, enhances your silhouette and accentuate your curves.

Features of Push up bras

  • Additional padding
  • Add volume & lift to your girlies
  • Accentuate your cleavage
  • Create an illusion of fuller bust
  • Provides support for endowed ladies

Can both Lightly-lined & Push Up bras can be worn on a daily basis? YES, DEFINITELY!

Both Lightly-lined and Push Up bras are suitable for daily wears. There’s a saying — “You do not need a special occasion to wear a push up bra.”

Go for a lightly-lined bra if y’all would like to give your girlies a natural look.

Go for a push up bra if y’all would like to give your girlies a fuller & lifted bust shape.

Whether lightly-lined or push up, they are essentials to your lingerie wardrobe so as to fit your style/occasion of the day.

We have done up a comparison chart from our lightly-lined to push up paddings for your easy referencing.

Here are some of our recommended Lightly-Lined bras:

  1. Air-ee Multi-way Bandeau (Signature Edition)

    1. Made of I’M IN air-ee fabric, fit your curves like a glove (elastic & have amazing stretch recovery)
    2. 2.5mm uniform and lightweight thin padding
    3. Anti-Slip fabric (helps to reduce slipping)
    4. Versatile bra (bandeau, regular, crossback and halter style)
  1. Full Scoop! Seamless Lightly-Lined Anti-Slip Strapless Wireless Bra

    1. 1st Seamless x Lightly-Lined x Full Coverage bra
    2. Made with Resin embossed ad the side bands (provides your girlies the less slip, less shift experience without compromising on the comfort level)
    3. 3mm ultra-thin lightly-lined padding
    4. Perfectly rounded cups (great for any outfit and especially body contouring outfit for that perkier and rounded bust shape)
    5. 2mm ultra-thin seamless cup rims (design to hide under your outfit, giving you a smooth silhouette)
  1. Live Free! Lightly-Lined 100% Non-Slip Strapless Wireless Bra 

    1. 100% Non-Slip (silicone free)
    2. 3mm ultra-thin lightly-lined padding
    3. Provides your girlies with full coverage
    4. Multiway of wearing the bra (regular T-shirt bra, cross back or bandeau/tube)
    5. Extra side support and helps to conceal side bulges

Here are some of our recommended Push Up bras:
  1. 365 Anti-Slip Seamless Strapless Wireless Bra

    1. Seamless x Smooth x Soft fabric that feels like your 2nd skin
    2. 2cm thick soft push up teardrop padding
    3. Designed with I’M IN AIRDOTS on both side bands (helps with sweat ventilation and with one of its kind aesthetics)
    4. Gives your girlies a lift & boost by 1 cup size (achieve a fuller & natural looking bust shape)
  1. Perk Me Up! Seamless Super Push Up Wireless Bra

    1. Matte breathable fabric (highly sweat absorbent as well as ventilation)
    2. 3cm thick teardrop padding
    3. Giving your girlies an instant upsize of 2 cup size (bringing out your ultimate curves and volume)
    4. Perfectly rounded cups
    5. Thick side bands to give you a smoother and less bulgy look
  1. 4CM Ultra! Lift It Up! 100% Non-Slip Super Push Up Strapless Wireless Bra

    1. 100% Non-Slip
    2. 4cm thick ふわふわ (fuwafuwa) padding
    3. Ultimate booster that increase your girlies by 2 cups size
    4. For a fuller, more lifted and volume look
    5. Enhances your cleavage
    6. Perfectly rounded cups

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Xx, #iminxx

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