Lookbook Collection: Get Junk!

September 05, 2016

The collection says it all... Let's get (dr)junk on FOOD!

Oktoberfest came early for Katie! Our hot seller for GET JUNK! collection, cos who doesn't like a pint of ice cold beer?? To top it off.. with salty crisp pretzels!

Bacon is like a high-five to your mouth! When no one is looking, I like to chill in bed with my Bae... Bae-con... Cos' bacon is BAE. My only Bae. I'm single.


Someone help?

Life is meant to live sunny side up. A negative mind will not give you a positive life hey! Look at Mr Hotcakes... It may seem cruel to pour hot golden syrup all over him but on the glaze(bright) side of things, he looks absolutely beautiful now... to be EATEN!

Okay, let's be honest. There is no way we can elevate this beautifully against a laundry rack. 

Having a cuppa Milo Dinosaur with Roti Prata is no foreign to most Singaporeans! I will always make a point to order "Uncle, 2 prata kosong and Milo Dinosaur with extra milo powder"

Anybody out there samesies as me?

When she stares at you... Stare back. Don't be afraid to show your dominance cos' that is the Pug Life.





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