April 04, 2017



there's nothing more important than choosing comfortable loungewear, and IM IN never fails to get that right. now that i'm a working adult (gosh i still don't feel like i'm old enough to say that although i'm already 24), i don't have the luxury of lazing around as and when i want to, so weekends are extremely precious to me. if you don't already know based on my instagram posts and stories, i usually spend my saturdays pigging out on fudge pie and other crazy high-calorie desserts, and sundays being an absolute sloth. ok wait that's not true – i actually do a lot of stuff, like creating content for the week ahead and cleaning my room sporadically and reading a book. but still, it's important for me to be decked in comfort clothes which AREN'T loose, oversized, sloppy tees. while there's totally nothing wrong with that, i believe you'd feel good when you look good, and IM IN's a pretty good place to start amping up your pajama party.

you know i already have a crazy collection of shorts and undies from this label but to be honest, is there ever such a thing as too much?

nah i don't think so (case in point).

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