365 Diamond Side Clasp Anti-Slip Seamless Strapless Wireless Bra in Black


Expanding our 365 fam, let us present to y’all the Diamond that all ladies need, I’M IN’s very ‘FIRST’ of it’s kind seamless strapless bra - 365 Diamond Side Clasp Anti-Slip Seamless Strapless Wireless Bra 💎

Wear your diamond on the inside — we bring brilliance to your looks! ✨ Be bold and sparkle a little brighter! A must-have for any glamorous occasion!

Gone are the days of constantly adjusting your bra, worrying about it slipping down or feeling constrained by uncomfy underwires. With our anti-slip & wireless design, you can move with ease all day long. The side clasps offer a secure fit, easy access, making it a breeze to wear and remove!

Designed with a diamond cutting, it helps to elevate and beautifully shape your bust line. Flaunt your curves with the specially designed deep V bust line which you can easily pair with your low cut outfits. 

Made in our signature fuwa fuwa soft, fluffy and breathable paddings, it gives your girlies the ultimate comfort by wicking away sweat and keeping them cool and dry throughout the day!

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to wear out 365 Diamond Side Clasp Anti-Slip Seamless Strapless Wireless Bra:

1. Seamless Cups Rims and Bands
Yes, a non-seamless bra are usually “visible” under clothes, especially the rims of the cups are thick. It’s often a bugbear for those who favour body-con/tight outfits when such “bra lines” easily show.

The rims on the 365 seamless bra is thin and design to hide under your outfit, giving you a smooth silhouette.

Thinnest Cup Rims: Made at just 2mm thin so that it is well hidden under your outfits. Seamlessly blending into your outfit that doesn't show the bra shape.

The bands are 100% stitching-free to create a seamless finish.

2. Anti-Slip. Silicone-Free.
The perfect marriage of the right materials to boost comfort level with anti-slip properties. The seamless bonding of the anti-slip fabric on the seam-free side bands gives you a secure grip. The seam-free side bands are stretchy & wide enough to hug your girlies for a comfy glove-fit.

Made silicone-free for sensitive skin ladies too.

3. 100% Comfort W AIRDOTS & FUWA FUWA CUPS
Made in I'M IN signature fuwa fuwa cups family that’s well known for it’s cushiony soft cups. Roll it, Toss it! Wire-free, you could only imagine how comfortable it could be.

Designed with I’M IN AIRDOTS on both side bands, it helps with sweat ventilation and with the one of its kind aesthetics.

Of course, the perfect rounded cup shape that gives you the curves we are deserve! No pointy cups forever! The teardrop shape padding gives you a lift & boost by 1 cup size, helping you to achieve a fuller & natural looking bust shape.

The fabric is smooth, soft and glides on your skin. This is how we imagined comfort to be like yet achieving the most ideal seamless bra that stays put.

4. *NEW* Diamond Cutting
Helps to elevate and shape beautifully the bust line and create a more flattering shape with a V cut design.

5. *NEW* Redesigned Cups
Helps to pull in and centralise your girlies, giving them a deeper and fuller coverage.

6. *NEW* Side Clasp Style Design

Material: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

Product Description

  • *NEW!* Diamond cutting to elevate your bust line. Redesigned cups for a deeper and fuller cleavage while maintaining the thickness of the padding. Helps to pull in your girlies even more.
  • *NEW!* I’M IN 1st ever side clasps bra for you to flaunt your smooth back; No more back struggles.
  • *NEW!* IMINXX Bra Strap Design: 0.7cm thin bra straps (multi-way: strapless, regular, cross-back)
  • Fuwa fuwa soft breathable cups
  • 2mm seamless ultra-thin cup rims & stitch-free bands — designed to hide under your outfit, giving you a smooth silhouette.
  • 2cm thick push up cups
  • 3/4 cup coverage
  • Perfect rounded cups
  • 9cm thick side bands
  • #IMINXX airdots for better sweat ventilation.
  • Anti-slip fabric
  • 3 hook-eyes, 4 settings
  • Comes in 2 shades: Black and Almond Nude

Size Measurements

  • S (32A/B/C), M (34A/B/C), L (36A/B/C), XL (38A/B/C), XXL (40A/B/C)

Model is Size 32C/70C, wearing I'M IN Size S.

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